Super Bright Ceiling LED Lamp Emergency Saving Lamp

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T5 T8 LED lamp and florescent lamp tube for African regions

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LED lamp is widely used in present home living, because it is much brighter and energy-saving. No matter for T5, T8 tube lamp or the pattern lamp for high level home decoration, CDPH is capable to supply as per customers’ demand.

In some development countries, the florescent lamp tube or bulb is still the main concern in their normal living. CDPH had been involved in African projects for more than 23 years, we knew what customer requires. No matter for single tube lamp or double tube lamp or even multi-tubes of florescent lamp, it is in our scope of supply, to satisfy the room function of living home, office, canteen, bathroom, etc.

Outdoor lamp is another part to concern. We are specialized in designing and supplying different type of outdoor lamp based on various requirement of IP standard and power supply.



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