Laminated Wood Flooring Plate and Rubber Flooring Sheet for Residential Buildings

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Various flooring tiles, laminated wood flooring plate, plastic wood flooring plate, rubber flooring sheet and PVC flooring sheet are all in the scope of CDPH’s supply for indoor and outdoor flooring decoration

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For a traditional building, ceramic tile is a kind of very common flooring material in use. The dimension of flooring tile we normally provide are 300mmx300mm and 600mmx600mm.

For a high-level home decoration, the floor can be laminated wood floor. What we will provide is environment friendly wood flooring plate that is E1 standard or E0 standard. The thickness can be from 7mm up to 12mm, and the pattern can be selected as per real demand.

For a requirement of carpet, we can supply as well. The main characteristics of our carpet is no shed hair, easy to clean, no mites, environmental protection, flame retardant, etc. On the other hand, the carpet is soft feel, good elasticity, bright color and thick texture, good antistatic performance, not easy aging and fading. It is widely used in home living, meeting room, public area, casino and hallway, etc.

We have PVC flooring sheet and rubber flooring sheet for flooring of temporary construction facility, also we have very good chain on supplying plastic wood plate for outdoor use.

You would be welcomed to reach us for further discussion on the requirement.



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