Latest Vegetable Beef Seafood Walk-in Cold Room and Storage Chiller with Insulation and Wide Space

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Cold room is a kind of industrial modular house that is normally used for keeping fresh food in the camp construction projects. The dimension is normally 20 feet, while the internal can be designed as per customer’s request and demand.

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Cold room is normally made from modified shipping container or an individual space in a steel structure building. It adopts container frame with heat-insulated wall panels to make internal a closed space. In construction camping projects, cold room can be used frequently closing to the kitchen area to keep food, vegetables, meat or any other cargoes that can get degenerative due to hot temperature.

We are capable to design and to provide different types or dimensions of cold room as per projects’ requirement, including the frame, panels, electric facilities as well as any fittings required for installation. Our supply chain can also assist to source the supplier with competitive price and good services in China, aiming to establish long-term cooperation with our clients.



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