How about the cold protection ability of the flat pack container house?

The flat pack container house is a kind of building system that fights fashion trends. It can be moved everywhere and brings more convenient and comfortable life for people. Solar panels provide indoor electricity, and solar water heaters provide heating and water, and indoor showers and residential drainage are cleaned and reused by the sewage system. It can be made into a flat pack container house according to the number of people. Can the flat pack container house be cold-proof? The answer is yes. Now let’s see the cold protection ability of the flat pack container house.

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The flat pack container house is a kind of prefab house with simple structure, which can meet the needs of temporary living, temporary office, commercial operation and mobile storage. The cold resistance of this kind of container house depends on the structure and output of the flat pack container house.

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The structure of flat pack container house requires that the color steel material has no quality management problems such as loopholes and perforations. The welding work should be done well during production, leaving no gaps, and the products are required to have good workmanship quality, which is an important premise. Secondly, add some good insulation layers to the flat pack container house, in order to ensure air tightness. As long as a small amount of heating system equipment is added between the containers, the thermal insulation effect can reach a higher level, and finally achieve the effect of cold protection.

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It is worth mentioning that it is more convenient to use the electric heating device in the flat pack container house.

It is also worth noting that the square steel used at the bottom of the column of the steel structure flat pack container house requires 100mm×100mm in profile and the thickness is 2.5m. The size of the square steel used for the second-story column is 80mm×80mm, and the thickness is 2.5mm. The size of the angle steel used should be 30mmx30mm, and the thickness is 3mm, and the steel quality requires standard code. When producing the beams that need to enter the field of the flat pack container house, it should be operated in accordance with the product requirements, and it is not allowed to reduce the amount of stolen materials, and the angle iron and “square steel” rods should be set as required. This is an important part of the control of the flat pack container house and needs to be strictly checked.

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Post time: May-24-2022