Customized Design Working Stations, File Cabinet for Office Furniture

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Modern and traditional customized office furniture work station computer table and swivel office chair

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Work station is a necessary office furniture. The work station includes manager single person working table, 2 people work station, 4 staff work station, 6 people work station, etc. and the work station can be with screen or without.

Meeting table is customized for material, dimensions and patterns. No matter for traditional wood type or fresh style light weight moveable table, we can supply as per demand.

We have many types of chairs for selection in working use. The chair can be with metal legs or swivel wheel, and the mat is soft in material of leather or PU.

We have very good supply chain to provide various office furniture for more than 20 years. No matter what type you required, we can find the right supplier and products for your use efficiently. We believe spacious office with fashion furniture will serve you a better working environment.


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