Our Team

Sales Team

The average age of our sales team is between 30 to 40 years. All of them have at least 8 years experience in the mobile housing and ancillary construction material industry. We can speak both English and Spanish, and our efficient response and promise-keeping attitude help us get a big group of long-term customers and partners.

Business Support Team

Our business support team can provide complete and competitive offer in time. They are experienced in export & import policies and capable to deal with complicated documents required in different countries and regions. We are VIP member of CMA shipping company, and we can ship to anywhere with competitive offer.


Our technical team is involved in mobile housing and light steel structure industry for more than 10 years. They can provide complete design from just an idea in an efficient way. We are able to provide our proposal for complicated and urgent projects as per customer’s requirement.

Project Team

A team with project management and on-site management is our proud. Our project team is familiar with different countries’ policy in construction of temporary facilities as well as civil works, which can guarantee the project can be possessed in order and successfully.

Procurement Team

We have specialized supply chain among all Chinese regions. We are sourcing from qualified factories directly and all material supplied by us can be guaranteed until put in use.