Large Size and Wide Space Warehouse/Storage Structure Building

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The warehouse building is a self-designed product by CDPH. This kind of structure is hot dip galvanized, satisfying different climate conditions and the demand for big span industrial buildings, like warehouse, workshop, staff canteen, big office, meeting hall, etc. The main structure adopts Q345 steel, strong and flexible in design, which can be linked or combined for more bays to divide rooms of different functions. As a type of light steel structure, its structure can be disassembled easily for big volume of loading space, while the installation is quite fast by screws.

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Camp construction not only includes accommodation and office, but also needs workshop or warehouse. Compared with the traditional H steel structure, ZM has more advantage in light weight, volume production, quick delivery and easy installation.

Now, ZM steel structure has been widely used in the camp construction as workshop, warehouse, restaurant and other large space buildings.

Here below is the characteristics of this type of building:

1. Perfect anti-corrosion performance: The galvanized structure has better performance in moisture and corrosion resistance.

2. Short processing time: The mechanical mass production is easy to shorten the processing cycle.

3. Easy installation: The structures are connected by bolts and nuts and without welding work, which greatly shorten the construction period.

4. Low cost: Light weight, low requirements for foundation and flat packing contribute to overall cost savings.

5. Wide application: It’s not only used as workshop or warehouse, but also designed as spacious office, canteen, recreation, etc.

For more information of technical specification, please check the forms in the following:

Product Specification


Can be customized according to need




Eaves height≤7000mm

Roof Form

Double slope, roof slope 1:5


single storey only

Design Parameters

Roof Dead Load


Roof Live Load


(Snow Load)

Wind Load



8 degrees

Recommended Function

 Mainly used for warehouse, factory, dining hall, big office, etc.



2-M300 profile steel T=3.0mm, material Q345


2-M300 profile steel, T=3.0mm, material Q345

Maintain Article

C170 profile steel, T=2.0mm, material Q345


All structure is hot dip galvanized, galvanization coating is 120g/m²



Colour steel sandwich panel
According to the functional characteristics, colour steel veneer can be used


Polystyrene, fire rating B2
Glass wool, fire rated A grade



Colour steel sandwich panel
According to the functional characteristics, colour steel veneer can be used


Polystyrene, fire rating B2
Glass wool, fire rated A grade




According to the need to determine the door size


For office: laminated wood door or aluminium alloy door
For warehouse: sandwich panel sliding door, electric lifting door, etc



Size can be determined according to function

Frame Material

Standard: Steel
Matching: aluminium alloy, broken bridge aluminium alloy


Standard: single glass
Matching: hollow window


Common Room

Standard: waterproof gypsum board
Optional: Calcium silicate board, mineral wool sound-absorbing board, aluminium buckle board *Prepared according to function and climate

Water Room

PVC, Aluminium composite panel


Common Room

Floor tiles, wood floors (according to the function)

Water Room

Anti-sliding floor tiles


 We can offer the scheme/designing/construction technique services
Socket Multifunctional socket(250V/10A)
Three flat pins socket (250V/16A)
Can be equipped with European, American, and Australian standards according to demand


BV-1.5mm² / BV-2.5mm² / BV-4mm²




High segmentation miniature circuit breaker


We can offer the scheme/designing/construction technique services

Water Supply


Drainage System


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