Explain the advantages of flat pack container houses for you

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Speaking of flat pack container houses, you may think of the mobile houses on the construction site in the past, which are simple, thin, and have no aesthetic feeling. It is not comfortable to live in. With the development of technology, the flat pack container house is powerful and beautiful, and has been loved and recognized by various industries. So what are the specific advantages of the flat pack container house? Next, I will introduce you 10 advantages of flat pack container houses.

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Advantage 1: Plate structure, saving transportation and storage space.

The single standard container is only 1/4 of the volume of the original house after packaging, which is convenient for transportation, sturdy, saving space and reducing costs during transportation and storage.

Advantage 2: Factory pre-assembled, reducing on-site workload.

The top frame and bottom frame of the standard packaging container include decorative layers. The circuit is assembled in the factory, and the columns and wall panels are connected to the top frame with bolts, then the circuit terminals are connected in sequence, and the decorative flashing parts are nailed in the corresponding positions, and then the standard container house is assembled.

Advantage 3: As a thermal insulation material, rock wool board has good fire resistance.

Both the bottom frame and the top frame are sandwiched with rock wool board, which has excellent thermal insulation and fire resistance. The material not only has high strength, good thermal insulation performance, but also has good fire resistance and flame retardant performance, and is the preferred thermal insulation material for container houses and prefab houses.

Advantage 4: The structure is firm and can resist earthquakes and typhoons.

Flat pack container houses are connected by prefabricated high-strength bolts to form a high-strength overall structure, which can resist earthquakes and typhoons.

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Advantage 5: high comfort.

The roof, ground and walls have thermal insulation systems, and the design of non-cold bridge connected by wall panels makes the whole house form a thermal insulation whole. Sealing strips are added to some parts of the flat pack container house to achieve good air sealing, and the roof and ground between the floors are separated. The design realizes the function of noise reduction, and the rock wool board in the wall panel is also a good sound insulation material.

Advantage 6: Modular design, infinite connection expansion.

The flat pack container house can have 2 storeys vertically and infinitely connected horizontally, and the overall area of the house can be adjusted during the use of the project.

Advantage 7: Standardization and easy maintenance.

Due to the modular design of the container house, from the top and bottom frames to the wall panels and decorative parts, if it is damaged, they can be replaced in the form of standard accessories.

Advantage 8: Short delivery time.

Standard prefabricated production stocking, manufacturing and on-site preparation are carried out at the same time, and the installation is convenient.

Advantage 9: Improve company image and awareness.

A safe, beautiful and comfortable office space will be recognized by your clients, management and users, while enhancing your corporate image.

Benefit 10: Sustainability – Environmentally friendly.

The frame structure adopts the automatic powder spraying and painting process, which makes that the appearance is smooth, the paint adhesion is enhanced, the service life of the product is extended several times, and it is green and environmentally friendly. It can be dismantled quickly afterwards, which will minimize the impact on the site environment.

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Post time: May-24-2022