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Up to now, Chengdong has successfully provided thousands of camp construction in more than 100 countries, including camp planning, building design, house industrial production, transportation, on-site installation, interior decoration, camp facilities, etc.

Due to decades of rich experience in oversea camp construction as well as the accumulation of different national policies, laws, customs, culture and climate which impact the project carrying out smoothly, Chengdong has been leading Chinese oversea camp construction and become preferred camp construction provider for the well-known large-scale Chinese Construction Enterprises.

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  • Two things you need to know about container houses

    Usually the house in our impression or the house on display is composed of many materials, including traditional brick and stucco and wood grain silos, etc. However, with the needs of social development, more and more people choose economic Affordable and Sturdy Prefab Container Houses, So What A...

  • How to choose a container house? These 3 points must be seen

    Container products were first used in the logistics industry, and later containers were gradually developed into temporary housing for various projects. With the development of technology and people’s increasing demand, containers are gradually being replaced by container houses. So today I...

  • How to choose the right furniture for office decoration

    With so many products on the field and ongoing developments, it can be difficult to know how to determine the perfect furniture for your office renovated office. Today, commercial furniture goes far beyond dedicated desks with footed wheelchairs and some under-desk storage, and the modern working...

  • How about the cold protection ability of the flat pack container house?

    The flat pack container house is a kind of building system that fights fashion trends. It can be moved everywhere and brings more convenient and comfortable life for people. Solar panels provide indoor electricity, and solar water heaters provide heating and water, and indoor showers and resident...

  • Explain the advantages of flat pack container houses for you

    Speaking of flat pack container houses, you may think of the mobile houses on the construction site in the past, which are simple, thin, and have no aesthetic feeling. It is not comfortable to live in. With the development of technology, the flat pack container house is powerful and beautiful, a...

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