Photovoltaic Cable

  • Photovoltaic Cable with Energy Storage Battery  Cable

    Photovoltaic Cable with Energy Storage Battery Cable

    The photovoltaic cable is an electron beam cross-linked cable with a rated temperature of 120°C. It is a radiation-crosslinked material with high mechanical strength. The cross-linking process changes the chemical structure of the polymer, and the fusible thermoplastic material is converted into an infusible elastomeric material. The cross-linking radiation significantly improves the thermal, mechanical and chemical properties of the cable insulation, which can withstand harsh conditions in the corresponding equipment. Weather environment, withstand mechanical shock. According to the international standard IEC216, the service life of our photovoltaic cables in outdoor environment is 8 times that of rubber cables and 32 times that of PVC cables. These cables and assemblies not only have the best weather resistance, UV resistance and ozone resistance, but can also withstand a wider range of temperature changes from -40°C to 125°C.